ezycharge.com is a reputed site of Australia that proffer services regarding hand sanitizer station, wireless phone charger, and other charging stations and sanitizer station behoves a preventive measure regarding coronavirus ezycharge.com is devoted to associate with the different brands for seeking the help of people. The organization proffer the services in hospitals, and the other homeless organization where people have to seek help. In this section, we will discuss the task assigned to these machines.

Hand sanitizer station:

To maintain the healthy environment of an organization, and a hand sanitizer station is installed at the entrance and exit gates, restrooms, employ work station, meeting rooms, transaction corners, and in high traffic areas. The hand sanitizer station contains the biosensor. As it senses the human hand, the sanitizer is poured out. The biosensor prevents the station from contamination while by the implementation of the hand sanitizer, it kills the microbes that may be present on the hand. The hand sanitizer station comprises 60% alcoholic content that kills the germs and prevents the spread of infection. Besides the placing of hand sanitizer station, regular cleaning of doorknobs, furniture, and light switches is also requisite.

Hand sanitizer dispenser:

The hand sanitizer dispenser is usually smaller in size than the hand sanitizer station. The hand sanitizer dispenser containing the alcoholic disinfectant gel, spray, or foam. The installation of a hand sanitizer dispenser can be managed by the tray, table holder, back plate, and stand holder. It has a security lock and works on the battery. The hand sanitizer dispenser has an easy filling system and after services methodology. Replacement of the sanitizing gel is quite simple and the sanitizer dispenser’s body is eco-friendly. The hand sanitizer dispenser is usually installed in the lifts, office entrances, and celebration events. This proffer a healthy anti-viral and anti-bacterial environment.

Wireless Phone Chargers:

With the advancement of science and technology, engineers develop a system to charge the phone wirelessly. The wireless phone chargers prevent the man from the pile of the cords. Two main standards work in this regard is QI (quality improvement) and the power mat (PMA). QI wireless charging is connected with the smartphone brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei, and Nokia. The technician is working on the wireless phone chargers in australia but it causes heat up the smartphone while it also yanks the speed of the mobile charging.

Charging stations:

Another assistance regarding traveling is the installation of the charging station. These charging stations may be run on natural gas or electricity. The natural gas cylinder has to check regularly so electricity is preferable to use. These charging stations are installed in the parking area. The vehicles have rechargeable fuel cells that charge the vehicle to travel 25 miles in an hour. Australia Company also proffer the services regarding mobile phone charging stations.